Walter and Nancy Giera officially opened the doors to Annapolis Ice Cream Company on Sunday, May 23, 2004. After many hard years of research (yes, eating ice cream does qualify as ‘research’) and testing (oh, the hard work they did!), they were finally ready to let the public enjoy their homemade, high-quality, super-premium gourmet ice creams.

Since opening, Annapolis Ice Cream Company has been fortunate enough to be voted “Best of Annapolis” by its customers for 11 consecutive years. This record run is not taken for granted and they continually work to improve operations and quality to exceed customer expectations.

Annapolis Ice Cream Company uses only the finest ingredients to create each outstanding selection. The ice cream is always fresh because it is made right at the store nearly every day; the only ice cream that is actually made here in Annapolis!

They use 17% butterfat to provide an incredibly smooth and satisfying flavor, a recipe that is rarely available today. Even though all of the flavors are absolutely delicious, signature flavors include: Peanut Butter Oreo, Apple Pie, and Chocolate Brownie Brownie Batter.

Thirty-six flavors rotate daily, so please check the flavor screen at the store or follow on Twitter for updates on flavors being made each day. You might find your new favorite flavor of irresistible home-made Annapolis Ice Cream.